Monday, September 17, 2012

Noun Adventure

  My school year started last week and I have been away from the blog for a while as well, my first day of school started off full of surprises when I found out I was PREGNANT!!! My husband I had been trying for a couple of months so we were really excited.  But can I just say, beginning the school year and first trimester pregnancy equals pure exhaustion.  I am finding myself falling asleep at 8 at night.  I have just been so busy trying to get all of my beginning of school year stuff finished, wanting to post, and my oldest turns for next Monday so his birthday is Saturday. 
  Before I got my exciting news I decided I was going to try my hands at being a super mom and creating capes for all the kiddos that are coming to party.  I finished the last one this evening and am able to sit down quickly to begin this post while my two little boys are playing in the yard.
  The beginning of the school year has gotten off to a great start.  My kiddos are a bit talkative but we are quickly learning to control the volume and when to talk. I created a Noise-O-Meter that is in the front of the room that reminds to students about their noise level.

  One of the first grammar skills we begin with in my room is common and proper nouns.  So last week in practicing how we behave outside and in the hall my students created lists of people, places and things that they saw.  We then turned their ideas into this beautiful tree, which allowed us to segway right into common and proper nouns.

  I am going to promise to post more.  So sorry guys!